Wellness area in Knappensteig zeitlos
Knappensteig Apartements

Our Knappensteig Appartements Relax & Zeitlos each have a spacious sauna and wellness area

150 m².

Whether you are staying at our Knappensteig apartments or in the Holiday Home, both wellness oases are at your disposal. There’s plenty of room to relax here. After hiking or skiing, on a rainy day, feel your tensions, everyday worries and problems simply dissolving in our wellness areas.
Finnish sauna
Relaxation room in Knappensteig 1
Saunas in Knappensteig 1
Drinking basin
Wellness area in Knappensteig relax

Knappensteig relax:

Knappensteig relax boasts a newly renovated wellness oasis with attention to detail and modern wooden elements.

You can enjoy:

  • Bio sauna
  • Finnish sauna
  • Relaxation room
Relaxation room in Knappensteig zeitlos

Knappensteig zeitlos:

You will also find a sauna and wellness area in the Knappensteig zeitlos aparthotel. The perfect place to spend a few quiet and calming moments.

You can enjoy:

  • Bio sauna
  • Finnish sauna
  • Infrared cabin
  • Relaxation room
Your hosts, the Sieberer family


Skiing is great fun, frees you from the stress of everyday life and is also good for your health. In order to maximise your feeling of well-being, it is important to relax your muscles after skiing. Stretching the muscles and using the sauna have a particularly positive effect. Give it a try!

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